11 February 2011

Today on Craigslist: Write My Book, A'ight?

Another installation of Today on Craigslist...

You got problems? That's awesome! I want to write this book about the 33 problems that women face in their lives, but I could only think of 5. Choose your own problem and write 15 pages about. Oh, and don't act white. Also, don't be a bitter whore. Got it? Great!

Original text reads:

"I need your help.
It is a grave desire of mine,
to put out a book that speaks to the woman.
I would like the book to identify,discuss,
and offer solutions to 33 problems
that women face in life. 33 chapters,
and each chapter will be about a void...
- Incarceration
- Unemployment
- School drop-out rate
- Low self-esteem
You can choose any topic in the world,
but the focus of the book will be to show
women how & why...improvement is

I need 33 authors, to write 1 chapter each.

The 5 topics that I listed were just examples.
Please choose another topic....dig deeper,
what topic would you like to write 15 pages about?

ALSO: You will be credited as the author & receive royalty
checks for the rest of your life.

Traditional family structure is necessary.

Speaking proper English is NOT ?acting white.?

Kids reciting rap songs should not be tolerated.

ALL single mothers are not mean and bitter.

Women must stop picking men that are using their potential to land them in jail instead of the boardroom.

There is no shame in seeking professional help to mend broken relationships and work through mental issues.

Sexual promiscuity exists in the absence of self-control and respect."



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