27 March 2012

Recipe: Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Bars

After I discovered that Atkins bars make my blood sugar shoot sky high, I decided that I would learn how to make my own protein bars. I wanted something that I could have on hand for easy breakfasts or meals on the go for those days when I'm completely sick of jerky, cheese crackers, & flax muffins. I found a company, Quest, that makes Strawberry Cheesecake protein bars, and I really wanted to try them, but I didn't want to pay $25 for a case of 12 bars I might not like and the closet store that sells them is over 30 miles away. So I started researching DIY protein bars -- let me tell you: there are a TON of DIY protein bar recipes out there... but NONE of them were for strawberry cheesecake bars! I found pumpkin cheesecake bars, which would probably be delicious, but I wanted strawberry, damnit.

So... I took a look at the Quest Strawberry Cheesecake bars and decided I could make my own version! Their bars start with whey protein and fiber and add in almonds, freeze dried strawberries, stevia, and flavors. I picked up a bag of freeze dried strawberries at Trader Joe's, plus a can of Designer Whey protein powder, French Vanilla. (It's actually cheaper to get the Whey Protein on amazon through subscribe and save, but I wanted to make sure I liked the stuff before ordering two cans... I do like it!)

I just started experimenting, testing as I went, and came up with a DELICIOUS strawberry cheesecake protein bar recipe! I don't have a picture for you, because, well, they aren't exactly pretty! But they taste awesome! Each bar has 150 calories, nearly 12 grams of protein, and 3 net carbs (6 total, with 3 dietary fiber). [I guess, technically, they have more carbs since they are sweetened with a touch of Erythitol, which is a sugar alcohol, but you could definitely swab that out if you are sensitive. I got a free bag recently and have been testing it out -- to my surprise, I like it!]

Moira's Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Bars

  • 3 scoops protein powder (I used Designer Whey, French Vanilla)
  • 2 Tb flaxseed, crushed in coffee grinder
  • 1 Tb + 1 t. slivered almonds, ground in coffee grinder 
  • 2 Tb Erythitol (75% as sweet as sugar, sub sweetener as desired) 
  • 1/4 cup of freeze dried strawberries, crushed 
  • 1/8 c. coconut flour 
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes 
  • 2 oz cream cheese, softened 
  • 1/4 cup water (add as needed, YMMV) 
  • 6 drops vanilla flavored liquid stevia 
  • 8 drops Capella Flavoring NY cheesecake

Combine dry ingredients, minus 1 scoop protein powder.

Add softened cream cheese, liquid stevia, and flavoring drops. Stir well.

Add water and mix well. Your mixture will be sticky!

Now add in the last scoop of powder and mixture well with your hands. By the time you are done, your bars will be only slightly sticky.

Divide mixture into 6 bars. Freeze or fridge until set.

If frozen, thaw in fridge overnight or for a few hours (perhaps grab one for lunch at work?)
After chilling for an hour, wrap individually and keep in fridge for a week or so or a month or so in the freezer.

The bars are quite chewy and filling!

Serving Size: 6 bars, approximately 3 inches x 1 inch

  • If you use a different protein powder, you might find you need a different proportion of water.
  • Sub in different flavored freeze dried fruits (from trader joes) for a different flavor! I plan on trying blueberry next.. yum!
  • Taste your mixture before adding the final scoop of protein powder -- make any adjustments before adding in the last scoop. I wanted my bars sweet but not super sweet -- you might want more sweetness than me -- same goes for the cheesecake flavoring. 8 drops tasted perfect for me, but you might want a few more (or maybe a few less!)
  • Each bar has 11 g protein & just under 3 net carbs (There are 2.8 gr dietary fiber, or 5.6 grams total carbs, not counting the sugar alcohol).
Here's a link to the recipe on SparkPeople.
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