My name is Moira. I am an artist-educator living in Providence, Rhode Island. I teach the wildly popular Bling Bling jewelry classes in local middle schools and am working this summer spreading the art love via Rhode Island's public libraries.

I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and completely randomly moved to Providence a few years ago for, well, no real reason at all. A few months after I moved here, I saw a sign in a coffee shop that said, "Are you creative? Do you like beads? Do you like kids?"

I thought, "Sure!" I called the number, went in for an interview, and three days later, I was teaching my very first jewelry-making class to a room full of excited middle schoolers. I've never looked back!


When I'm not teaching, I can usually be found spending time with my fabulous boyfriend, Nick, surfing the internet for inspiration, working in my art journal, filling orders for my etsy shop, Literary Tease, or experimenting with a wide variety of arts and craft materials.

Some of my favorite materials are vintage dictionary pages, Sharpie poster-paint markers, ShinHan Touch Twin markers, Fabriano artistico hot press watercolor paper, homemade watercolor spray paints, and washi tape.

I love teaching kids and want to work with adults, too. I am currently planning an online art journal class that I hope to offer for free this fall. I am also hoping to offer a local art journal class very soon. 

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