21 February 2011

Found: Dear Artist


Last spring, Nick and I were wandering the streets on the annual art sacrifice night in Providence, RI. When school is over for the year, RISD students abandon unwanted artwork around the city. We don't know if this is an official tradition or something that happens naturally when artists move, but for two years in a row, we've seen random art all over the city the weekend that school lets out. We like to walk around the streets searching for a piece worthy of taking home.

On this night, we parked our car, and when I got out, I saw a letter hanging from a tree. Naturally, I was unable to resist opening, since it was, after all, addressed to "artist." Hey, it coulda been for me, right? I'm going to mail my find to Found Magazine, but I thought I would share it with you here, since it's wicked awesome. You're welcome. Oh, and in case you are familiar with Rhode Island, RISD stands for Rhode Island School of Design. RISD students tend to dress in flashy, odd clothing, so they are easy to spot.



(P.S. I also took home a strange painting of what I can only figure is a female amputee and a Snapple bottle. It has a place of honor in my kitchen, but I'm eventually going to take her to the Museum of Bad Art.)


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