12 February 2011

Autumn Doll Painting

copyright 2011 Moira Richardson
Here is the second doll in my series of four seasonal paintings, Autumn. I made the first painting, Winter, as my entry for last week's Iron Craft challenge, and when I was finished, I figured I might as well try to paint dolls for all the seasons. It's definitely nice to think about spring, summer, and fall when it's cold and wintry outside.

I'm much happier with the shading on this painting than on the first one, Winter. I think the cheeks turned out perfectly. I'm still not happy with the eyelashes, but I think the problem is that I'm not using the right size brush. Also, I might have a better result if I use soft-bodied acrylic paint instead of using tube acrylics mixed with glaze. (Though, really, same diff, right?)  The swoop of hair is a little off, but I still think it's super cute. I love how the shading on the hair turned out... much better than the first painting. 

My favorite part about this painting are her lovely eyes (eyelashes excluded). I think I got the sparkle just right. I'm happy with the little blowing leaves in the background, too. I wasn't sure if I could paint leaves, but they turned out just fine. All in all, I'm very happy with this piece!

Want is as a pocket mirror?


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