11 February 2011

Iron Craft #6: Winter Doll Painting

Winter Doll
copyright 2011 Moira A. Richardson
Here is my submission for Week 6 of the Iron Craft challenge. Each week, crafters around the globe are given a theme and one week to complete their project. This past week's theme was Winter. Since I had just started the Dolls Dreams class with Adriana Almanza, I knew I wanted to make a winter-themed dollie. She's the very first doll I painted using Adriana's techniques, so she's a little wonky. I didn't use the right shade of brown, so her skin is a little muddy looky, also, I was still learning how to do the shading. This scan got a little cut off, since the canvas was too big for my scanner bed, but you get the gist. Original measures 9 x 11 inches. See the rest of the series here in the next few days or visit my flickr page. Buy this design as a pocket mirror.

1 comment:

  1. Looooooooooooooooved the intervieuw,and i like your paintings too
    warm hugs,


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