23 February 2011

Photoshop Magic: Perfect? Imperfect?

I created a custom pocket mirror design recently with the words, "Perfectly Imperfect." My customer's best friend is a dancer and the phrase is one used my her choreographer during practices. She wanted a design that incorporated a vintage map of Paris, a modern style dancer, and the phrase. Here's the result:

Later, my customer discovered that the phrase should have been "Imperfectly Perfect" and contacted me to ask if I could make her a new mirror, in the same design, but with different words. Since I sent the original collage as a pocket mirror to her, I had to either: remake the entire design from scratch or rework the design in Photoshop using my scan of the original. I decided to try PS first. Here's the result:

I am very happy with the result and impressed myself with my Photoshop skills. (Either that, or I am impressed with the powers of PS... hmm...) It's not perfect. I used the clone tool in the lower right to get rid of the original text, so it looks a little weird, also, the "ly" doesn't quite match with the "imperfect." Still, I think if you didn't have the original to compare it to that maybe you wouldn't notice any problems. What do you think?


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