06 June 2011

Random: Internet Withdrawal

Dear Internet,
I miss you.
Please come home soon.

Seriously, this not having internet thing is driving me up the wall. One would think that I could put a positive spin on things by using all this available free time to good use by, um, unpacking, but, darn it, I keep thinking of things I want to google. I am seriously behind in reading all my favorite blogs. I'm taking a wonderful online art journal class that started today, and I want to be able to participate in conversations. I need to mail Etsy orders. I need to finish my zipper giveaway! I need the internet! Argh!

There are always internet problems when moving into a new place. I know this. This is why we called two weeks before our moved and set everything up early in the hopes that we could avoid some serious lack of internet moments. We were supposed to be all clear. Verizon said we were good to go, internet would be turned on June 1st. According to them, it was. We called said, uh, no, the internet is not working. They sent a technician out. We discovered that the internet does not exist in our house. There is no copper wire anywhere. You plug something into the phone jack and it goes, well, nowhere. There is not connection from the telephone pole to the house. This is seriously whack.

On the plus side, if you consider paying more money for internet service a plus, there is  Verizon Fios connected in the basement. You'd think, once you got past the extra money thing, that this would be a good thing, except, for some reason, we have discovered that our apartment, which is most decidedly not a 15-room boarding house, is listed as such in the Verizon monster computers. Easy enough, you think, just update the system. Yeah right. Apparently, this is so difficult to do that we are still many, many hours later without internet... without any end to such a lack in sight.

On the plus side, my boyfriend has an iPhone. We've set it up as an internet hot spot, which is how I'm online now, but it still means that Nick has to be a) home and b) within 10 feet or so for me to be able to be online. And I can't watch Netflix or Hulu, so I swear I will never know how Lost ends or what happened on the last episode of The Office. (Don't tell me!)

Also, I have become addicted to a game called Zombie Farm. Hey, a girl's gotta do something. More soon, and I swear I haven't forgotten the zippers!


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