19 June 2011

Buy Nothing Summer: Day One

Buy Nothing Summer

It's day one of my Buy Nothing Summer. How do I feel: fine. It's going to be wicked easy in the beginning, because I know I don't need anything in order to continue making what I like to make. I suspect it will be harder sometime in August, because, ideally, by then I'll be starting to run low of some items. In a comment on yesterday's post about Buy Nothing Summer, Laila said that she has set aside one day a week for sewing projects. I like this idea because it definitely seems that there are projects that I'd like to do and just never get around to doing. Sewing is definitely one of those projects. I have lots of really gorgeous fabrics that I've been saving over the years, but, really, what's the point of pretty fabric if it's just sitting in a box somewhere? I'm going to think about this concept today and decide if a crafty schedule will work for me this summer. 

I decided to make a page in my art journal about the challenge I set for myself. I used the dog image from a takeout bag from Spike's Junkyard Dogs. It was in our recycling pile, but I just had to snag it for art making. Instead of putting it away in a drawer somewhere to promptly forget all about it, I used it immediately. The button in the lower left corner was a button that Nick gave me the day before. I looked at it, decided to punch two holes in it using my Cropadile Big Bite, and last night I sewed it into my journal using bright blue hemp. I don't usually add 3-D embellishments to my journal, so this was something new. I also used lots of washi tape, graph paper, Sharpie Poster-Paint markers, and a blue Decocolor marker.

I guess at this point that the only thing I am worried about in this challenge is the possibility of thinking, "Oh if only I had item X, I could do this with Y, Z, and beyond." If that happens, I will just have to figure out another way to do whatever it is I was thinking of doing! I'm an artist; I'm supposed to be creative and inventive. Let's just see how true that is.

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  1. I found you thru Natty's link, but I'm subscribing because your work is fabulous!! Love the way you write, and your sense of humor, and you art is AMAZING!! You may be one of my best finds this summer!!

  2. Oh Moira
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I was so pleased to see that you are doing a buy nothing summer. I am officially launching a no shopping challenge too this weekend. I am so excited that you are doing the same as I will need strength :-) Now I am off to discover more of your blog.

  3. I'm grabbin' your button! I'll put it up now, but it won't go into effect until Tuesday :) I'm up for the challenge!

  4. This page is beautiful. Good for you for the immediate use of a scrap!! I'm excited to see where this goes :)


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