29 June 2011

Art Journal: Two New Pages

Rainy Days

I'm a little behind in pages for Natty Malik's In The Sun art journaling course, but I wanted to share my latest two pages since I love them! The above photo is for the prompt "Summer Rain." I made the background by spraying homemade water color spray paints along the top and then adding a spray of plain water to make them drip. I love the effect and will definitely be doing it again in my journal. I cut the girl image from a TOAST catalog and the purple rain drops from a cute piece of tissue paper sent in Natty's collage pack. I added tissue papers along the bottom edge.

The text reads: "We hardly ever get thunderstorms in Rhode Island, and I actually miss them! I love rainy days because they give me an excuse to stay inside and make art... not that I need one!"

Triple Dog Dare

For this page, I was going to triple dog dare myself to go to Zumba class at a nearby gym, but instead I went out to brunch with my friend who I hadn't seen for a few months. Doh! I started thinking about how I hardly ever go anywhere except class, since I prefer to stay home and make art. I would worry that I was slightly agoraphobic, but really, I think it's that I'm a country girl living in the city! This is the page that emerged from that line of thought.

The text reads: "Sometimes I have to 'triple dog dare' myself to leave my house... It's nice here & I don't have to wear pants." [Yeah, yeah, TMI. Just keepin' it real.]


  1. Hey Moira!
    Love the pages. I totally understand about not wanting to leave home too! I'm like that also, but I think it's because I deal with the public all day, so when I go home, I want to stay there! Even on my days off! Frustrates the daylights out of hubby and sometimes kids... ; )

  2. i really like the style of your pgs! thanks for sharing how you created them. :)

  3. gorgeous.. love the drippy paint and loose doodling.

  4. Lotus - totally get that! I worked in the food industry and for years I never wanted to go out to eat! (Mostly because of the filth I witnessed first hand, but that's a story for another day... haha!)

    Thanks Teddiy & Marcia for your comments! I love art journals and am happy to share!


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