07 June 2011

Giveaway: Zippers Like Wow, Part Two

Yay! I am FINALLY able to announce the rest of the winners for the Zippers Like Wow Giveaway! I am so sorry to keep you all anxiously waiting! Okay, so yeah, maybe a lot of you already forgot all about it... in which case, won't it be a pleasant surprise if you find out you are one of the ten extra winners? In case you forgot, I promised to draw an extra 10 giveaway winners if I reached 200 followers during the SMS giveaway days... I reached that goal (amazing!) and so without further delay, the ten winners are:

#87 - Erin
#114 - Brittany Gale
#632 - Melissa
#71 - Monica
#321 - Debbie
#658 - Kimmysue
#476 - Rachel
#26 - Lethargic Lass
#648 - Suzie Button
#286 - Tamie

Each of the ten winners will get a gift pack of 10 assorted zippers each. Winners, please email me by noon EST on Friday with your address in order to claim your prize. I'm going to send out emails to the winners now. If I don't hear back from any of the winners by Friday, I'll draw new winners and post them here.

{Edit: Two of the winners didn't have email addresses listed so I couldn't contact them. I'm hoping they will see this post and be able to claim their prize in time. If not, I'll draw new winners.}

Feeling sad that you didn't win?

Just for you, I have a special offer running in my etsy shop, Literary Tease. When you use the coupon code: ZIPPYFABULOUS you will get 15% off your total purchase PLUS I will send you five zippers with your order just for stopping by my blog. (Coupon expires June 30.) If you use the coupon, just leave me a message telling me your favorite color(s) for zippers. I can't promise you'll get exactly that color, but I will do my best! (I have everything but black).


  1. shucks! i didn't win lol i love zippers! but congrats to those that did win! I love your mirrors!! I will have to read them all when I get a min for myself and take you up on that coupon code!!!

  2. Yay!!! Thank you so much Moira! I am emailing you now. :D I am such a zipper freak!


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