11 June 2011

Art Journal Pages: The Inner Heart

I would have blogged about the fabulous free art journal course currently being offered by Natty Malik, one of my favorite bloggers, sooner, but I am still (STILL!!!) without internet in my new apartment, so my time online is infrequent at best. The course is called In The Sun and runs all summer long. You should definitely check it out!

Here are the pictures of the pages I've made since the course started on June 6th:

The Inner Heart - Cover

First spread

Second spread

Second spread, flap

Spread 3

You can see close ups of all of the pages plus details about each page by visiting my flickr page.


  1. Cool pages Moira!
    I like the simplicity of your work and the bit of color. Very nice!

  2. Thanks! Usually my art journals are LOADED with details and images all over the place, but I am purposefully going for a simple look for this one. It's lots of fun!

  3. Hi Moira what beautiful spreads you have made. I hope for you that the internet soon will be working. It's so irritating when the tecnical things don't work. I'll cross my fingers for you.


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