24 June 2011

Art Journal: Secret Message


I received a lovely package of assorted collage materials from the fabulous Ms. Natty of Awkward and Beautiful today, and I just had to incorporate a few of the pieces into my art journal right away. The telephone paper, the scallop circle, and the adorable little envelope all went straight from the mail to my page. The tiny envelope is my favorite part!
Don't ya just want to pull the tab to find out what it says?
Sadly, I don't have anything all that luscious to include as a secret message.
Text reads: I thought it would be cool to write a secret message, but I don't really have any secrets... darn!
After making this page, I worked on organizing my art journal supplies for a while, until this little furry beast told me it was time to take a break.

Hey, kitty, don't mess up my newly organized paints!

I know it looks like the third drawer is full of washi tape, but it's not.... yet!


  1. Love how the outlining changes the look of the girl's photo...very neat! And the envelope idea is very fun, too.

  2. So cute! Glad you like the supplies!! :)


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