23 June 2011

Art Journal: Mini Washi Tape Spools

I'm teaching art classes around the state of Rhode Island this summer, and the classes I am most excited about are the art journal ones. I have been in love with art journals since I first discovered them, and sharing the joy with my students is a real blast. Each student quickly develops his or her own style, and it's so fun to see all the different ways that they tackle the concept.

One of my new favorite things for art journaling is washi tape. I resisted the lure of the pretty Japanese paper tape for months and months, but after a great day at the Providence Arts Festival earlier this month, I decided to treat myself. Since I've been having so much fun with washi tape, I definitely wanted to introduce it to my students this summer. Since I can't afford to buy a roll of washi tape for 176 students (!!!), I needed to find a way to make smaller rolls. In the past, I have wrapped masking tape around cardstock for the kids to take home, but this idea is way better!

I found an etsy seller who sells "Washi Tape by the Foot." You get up to three feet of your choice of their many available washi tapes and it comes wrapped on a wooden spool. If you are interested in trying out washi tape, this is a great way to get a selection without spending a fortune! For me, however, I already know that I love it and need so many spools, that I knew I could do it myself for very little expense.

I found wooden spools in packages of 20 at Michaels for $2.99 each. [If you wanted to get crazy, I found a site online where you can buy them in packs of 100 for $9.99 + $10 shipping. Can't find the link right now, but will update if I track it down.] I measured out 12 inches of tape and carefully wrapped in around the spool. It's actually harder than it looks to do this straight! Still, I was able to get 140 wrapped while watching television yesterday afternoon.

In addition, I wrapped another 20 spools with more tape (maybe 5 feet?) that I will have on the tables for the students to use during the class. Using these instead of the full rolls means that: a) the full rolls won't get destroyed in one class, b) I can have multiples of each color so students get a variety at each table, and c) students will know what the spools are in their kits! Each student will get a take home kit with a marker, a pen, a glue stick, some scrap paper, and one spool of washi tape all of their own. Fun, right?


  1. These look YUMMY! Are your classes all for young people, or for adults as well? They sound like fun! How great to have such delicious supplies to work with...and then get to take home!

  2. Currently, I'm only teaching classes for tweens (aged 9 - 14), but I'm brainstorming a curriculum for an adults-only workshop in my area. Plus I have an idea for an online workshop!

  3. Oh, also, so glad I did smaller spools of washi tape for the class to use: since almost all of the 20 spools of 5 feet each that I took in were gone, I shudder to think what would have happened to the full rolls... haha!

  4. Yes, that was good thinking!

  5. I'd love to be in a class where you get goodies like that! Great idea btw!

  6. sounds like a great idea, and an enjoyable class. I'm gearing up for teaching an art journaling class at the museum, and this is a great idea. Going to check out your links, but not buying anything yet {:-D


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