01 July 2011

Summer of Color: Thinkin' Pink

Strange Beauty

I never plan anything out when I make an art journal page. I might have a vague idea of what I think I might do, but, generally, I just like my artistic sense take over and see where it leads me. For this spread, I started by making a background using homemade watercolor spray paints. I used a paper doily as a mask, which left me with a cool background texture and a pretty doily... bonus! Next, I made a gel medium transfer of a woman's head (from a glossy mag, but can't remember which one).  

When I looked at the page, I imagined a mermaid in the space. This is something new for me: seeing something that's not there and then creating it there. It's such a cool sensation! Like being able to see the future, just for an instant. After I drew and outline the mermaid, I thought for sure I had ruined everything. The proportions are off, particularly on the neck, which usually bugs the heck out of me, but I decided to push through it and keep going. Artist Teesha Moore said in one of her video that she feels you should push past the point of feeling like a page is done twice: one to get over any mental blocks, the second to let magic happen. (Okay, she didn't word it quite like that, but you get the gist.) I thought about that idea as I worked on this mermaid. 

I used Stewart Gill Alchemy paints for the tail and mermaid body, plus some SG glitter flakes. I outlined everything using my trusty Sharpie poster-paint marker. I added shadows at the bottom with black pan pastel, then highlights above with yellow. 

I thought the mermaid was looking pretty strange and kind of beautiful at this point, and I tried to find a "strange beauty" quote without success. Instead, I did my own thing: "There is beauty in all things strange." For the text, I used a regular pink Sharpie, outlined it with the poster-paint marker, added shadow with a ShinHan Touch Twin marker (Cool Gray#5), then added highlights with a white gel pen (uniball signo).

I added doodles at the top, washi tape + doodles at the bottom, and then, because I remembered that this week's bonus challenge for the Summer of Color is to use wax so I added lots of color to her hair using NeoColor II crayons. Even though I didn't like this page at first, now I like it a lot. What do you think?


  1. I just love her! Thank you for posting here and sharing your beautiful work with us, xo

  2. Well I love her and all her sparkley goodness!!
    Sometimes I will do that too, just walk away and do something else. If nothing hits me I figure it's done! (But sometimed stuff does come to me when I'm falling asleep!)

  3. I like your "strange" mermaid. She is so "pretty in pink" and fun! ;-) And I absolutely love your quote - which I happen to totally agree with! ;-)

  4. I think that your strange mermaid grows in you. The more you look at it the more you like it.

  5. I really like these pages - fab quote!

  6. Love the doily and glitter, but the sentence is the best part!!

  7. I think you created a wonderful journal page!!

  8. I like her a lot. The pink sparkles add a nice touch. The background is really cool looking.


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