15 July 2011

Art Journal: New Pages

I've been SO BUSY this past week, but one thing I have managed to make time for every single day is making at least one art journal page. Hurray! I started dating my pages on June 29, and I've made at least one page every single day since then. The streak could be longer, since I wasn't tracking pages before then, but I am pumped about the streak. I'm hoping to keep it up! So far so good...

I like having a daily art practice because it's making sure I do at least one thing for myself every day. When I art journal, it's totally for me. I have no thoughts of selling the work down the line, no particular purpose for the pages, they are just for fun and to develop my artistic vision. I love that!

Travel Nightmare #7



Washi Evidence Page

Trash to Treasure, Part 2

Trash to Treasure, Part 1

Craft Demon


  1. Lots of fabby work here hun ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  2. wow, i wish i could stay on task like you do! my fave pgs, in this post, are the teal colored messy layered ones. your journal writing has an element of poetry.


  3. been having loads of fun in the craft cleanse. And I'm pumped too. I've been arting in my journal everyday - it's so great, since I'm a writer foremost. I haven't bought any "plain" colored washi paper - mine all has words and patterns to it. Neat... I'd love to buy some! There goes my demon... {:-Deb

  4. Some days it's a definite challenge! The teal ones were actually done around 11 PM when I thought "Oh crap haven't done my page for the day!" And as for the washi tape, while I did buy some pretty patterns, I tried to buy mainly plain ones, since I figured I could add my own designs to them. A mission coming up is for DIY washi tape... :)

  5. Love the cute craft demon, what a temptress she is! :-)


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