24 July 2011

Art Journal: Copic Couple


I figured I'd post this to prove that I'm going to give the Copic Marker set I splurged on a good run for the money! I don't like the dude's hair, but am happy that my dude actually looks like a dude! I usually draw girls, so I'm stretching my artistic muscles by drawing this couple. I love the skin tone shading, too!


  1. I love the shading and their eyes. Yippeee for boys!!!!

  2. Very fun. The shading on their necks looks especially good to me. It's funny...I was going through catalogs today, clipping pictures for possible future use, and I was thinking how I almost never clip pics of men, only women. Very seldom do I feel moved to art journal with a male image, even though my attractions are for men. I guess it's because the journal is a reflection of ME, so the images have to do with "female-ness". Not sure how to word that, but you probably know what I mean! :-)

  3. Andria, I am so with you on this! I was just wondering why I never use male images in my art journal. I guess thats my next challenge!

  4. I need to dig out my Copics too! Very cool on the shading!


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