04 July 2011

Art Journal: Beach Playlist

Beach Playlist

This page was a fun one! I started by gluing half a sheet of old music to the left side of the page. Dry-brushed on some neon green craft paint when it was dry, then used watered-down black craft paint to add lots of drips and splatters.

The image came from a glossy magazine that has long since lost its cover -- no idea which one! (Wish I did! I'd subscribe!) I used a white Sharpie poster paint pen to add text at bottom and a Uni-Ball Signo Gel pen to add white text on the girl. Text is bits and pieces from all of the songs. I used Copics to add color to her face, accented with a black Sharpie pen.

For the list, I tried writing over the background, but none of the colors showed up very well, so I covered it with a graph paper list instead. Luckily, I had the perfect colors in washi tape! (Love the lace one!)

List is:

redemption song - bob marley & the wailers
blue skies - tori amos
summertime - morcheeba
dancing queen - ABBA
summertime - janis joplin
good day sunshine - the beatles
love street - the beatles

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  1. Hi moira, if you noticed, i wasn't on for like two weeks! it was becuase my brother got banned from the library and i had to stay home with him cause with my mom working he can't stay home by himself.

    but anyways, do you know any other artists who have blogs? i've been trying to find some online but i can't find any. i want to show my blog to more people and i only get like 6 wiewers a day.

  2. Sorry about your brother getting in trouble at the library!

    My friend Carole Ann has worked with New Urban Arts: connectthedotscrafts.com
    My friend Joanna makes lovely silk scarves: joyinmystudio.com
    I love Teesha Moore's art journals: teeshamoore.com


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