05 July 2011

Art Journal: In The Sun Round Up

We're a month in over at Natty Malik's In The Sun art journal course, so I figured I'd share all of the pages I've created for this course to date. I am impressed with myself for keeping up as well as I have! You should definitely check out the In The Sun flickr group to see what all of my classmates have been creating as well. We've got an amazing bunch of artists working together this summer, and I am thrilled to be a part of the fun.

Clicking each image will bring up flickr, where I describe my process and tell you more about the images. I put the images after a break because it's a very image-heavy post.

01 - Introduction

First spread, zoom 2

02 - Self Portrait

Second spread, zoom 2

03 - Gel Medium & Tissue Paper

Spread 3

04 - I want my summer to be full of...

Spread Four, continued

05 - Alter Ego

Spread Three, continued

06 - Ideal Vacation Spots

Ideal Vacation

07 - Summer Movie Blockbusters

Summer Movie Blockbuster

08 - Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

After this page, I had filled the small journal I started out using and moved on to a larger hardbound journal that I made myself.

09 - In the Summer, I feel...

Summer of Love

10 - Student Feature, so I made up my own prompt! Summer Tastes Like:

Tastes Like Summer, full spread

11 - Take a Vacation!

Island in the Sun

12 - Stay Cool

Staying Cool

13 - Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

Little Less Shy

14 - Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog Dare

15 - I just have to...

Dance in the Rain

16 - Summer Rain

Rainy Days

17 - Summer Takes Flight


18 - Summer Trend


19 - Roadtrip Playlist

Road Trips

20 - Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Beach Playlist


  1. Beautiful work!!! The doubledog dare one in particular really caught my eye - and made me chuckle. :) I'd love to see how fat your journal is when it's closed!

  2. Really enjoying your pages, and really just your blog in general. I found you via Less' Comfortable Shoes Studio blog, where she posted about your Buy Nothing Summer. I wish I could be as good, lol. But I did recently start an art budget...we'll see how it goes. This is the first pay period that I'm implementing it! lol

  3. your pages really do delight me. i admire your style!



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