17 September 2011

Falling For You: Weekly Challenge #1

Each week of Falling For You, we'll have an art challenge. Sometimes these will involve using specific materials or colors; others will involve some sort of prompt. All class members are invited to participate and post their creation for the prompt here. I will draw one winner the following week. (Giveaway is open to class members only, though I encourage anyone viewing to "like" their favorites!)

This week's challenge is the "Apple of My Eye" challenge. Participants must use an image of an apple in some way in their page as well as offer a story that explains (whether real or fake) the origin of the phrase "apple of my eye."

Class members: please post your challenge entry here by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, September 23. Don't forget to leave a comment after you post! I'll use the comments to choose our prize pack winner! I'll announce the winner on Saturday when I post the next week's challenge. Have fun!


  1. I blogged and linked! I used my sig. pic, not my AJ page; hope that's OK.

  2. Trying to get this stinking comment to post is the hardest part

  3. This first week has been difficult! I am at my parents for a visit - half a continent away from my studio!

    But my mother gave me a bunch of stickers from her brief scrapbooking days, which coincidently included some apple stickers!

    As soon as I read the challenge, I remembered the Golden Apple of the Trojan War.

  4. Oops, nearly forgot to add my comment! My 'Apple of My Eye' journal pages are up!


  5. the apple of my eye journal page has been posted on flickr. i know i don't qualify for the giveaway, but it's there anyway. the end



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