19 September 2011

Art Video: Painting Start to Finish

I haven't really decided if I like this painting or not, but I think the process is cool! AudioSwap on YouTube isn't working, so I hope you'll forgive the music until I can get it changed!


  1. i agree the process is very cool! i realized that by you recording it, you can see the stages when it goes from one thing into becoming another. whereas when i'm creating, i forget, & wonder if it looked better before i changed it, or added whatever. great dancing cat! the music gets haunting when you started painting the whites of her eyes. you can email me if you need to talk about your dr. appt.


  2. I want to come over and play with your kitten, so cute trying to get your attention behind the canvas... :-)

  3. I like the cat just hanging out watching. Is this painting on your wall now? Lovely video.


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