26 September 2011

Art Journal: Progress of a Page

When I came home from Nancy Rafi's Art Journal class yesterday, this is how my page looked:

Here's what happened next:

I liked it at this point, but it needed more:

I thought I'd messed it up after adding pan pastels and water-soluble oil pastels, because it got too dark. I started to erase the pan pastels, and decided to make these bubbles instead. But it still needed something...

Now the bubbles really "pop" - no pun intended! Also, I have a rule that once I date-stamp the page, it's done, no matter what. Other wise, I might just keep going in there and making changes forever!


  1. I like your page--especially the background color, the border, and that great hair!

  2. It's beautiful! Goes so well with the quote.

  3. WOW!
    This is a fantastic journal page.
    Really like how you altered the photo, nice work :]

  4. Ooh, I really like watching the evolution of the page. So cool!

  5. i enjoy seeing your page/art progression steps. how about that as a perfect example of teesha moore inspiration?


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