06 September 2011

Art Journal: Falling for You Test Video

Okay, so this isn't that great of a video. The stamping bit definitely gets a little boring, so I'm sorry about that, but I really wanted to test out the $5 Camera Stand that Nick and I designed / built today. [Okay, so he built it...]. The point of the camera stand is that I want the videos to be all about the art and less about my cleavage. Most importantly, I don't want to have to wear pants when I work in my art journal, because that seriously cramps my style. (TMI?) I'll post more about the camera stand soon, but for now, I want to share the first video I made with it.

If you haven't signed up for Falling For You yet, what are ya waiting for? (Oh, right, for the giveaway winner to be announced.... riiiight!) Seriously, though, I am super excited about this class and hope that you all love it.

All of the videos for the class are going to have the same intro/outro as in this video. I used a website called One True Media to create it. It's pretty sweet because it's easy to do and if you pay for the premium membership ($4 a month), you can download your clip to use for all your other videos. This makes me happy because it makes my videos all look like they belong together and it saves me work in the long run since I only had to design these once. Score!


  1. LOL... my personal rule is that if I am making a video, I have pants on. I'm paranoid that there will be a reflection that I didn't realize was there :D Otherwise, my studio is a pretty pants free zone too!

    I love that broken dresden plate-ish stencil. She had a giveaway recently with that stencil, and I'm lusting after it now that I didn't win it!

  2. nice to see the teacher's prepared! {:-D No really, looks like the stand worked well, and $4 / month for premium? Sounds pretty good to me. I haven't made any videos, so I'm no expert, but yours are one of the best around! {:-D

  3. Looks like fun, Moira. I'm glad you found a camera and filming set-up that works well for you!


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