20 April 2011


magazinedrawing2 by literarytease
magazinedrawing2, a photo by literarytease on Flickr.

Here's another sketch from a magazine page. I didn't ink this drawing yet, so it looks a little faded since I don't know how to scan pencil lines properly! I'm having fun drawing from magazines!

I'm obsessed! My newest sketchbook has only 6 pages left... and I started it on April 11th! Not to worry, I already have my next sketchbook sitting on my desk! :) I'm using a Canson Mixed Media sketchbook, 7 x 10.


  1. wow! you are on fire!!! ^_^ great, the best way to learn is practise and practise!

  2. I am on fire! I already see such a huge improvement in my sketches from 10 intensive sketching days, too. Next up: fashion!


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