28 April 2011

Found Poetry: Special Needs Lizard

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I'm preparing for a move into a new and smaller apartment, which means that I have to destash EVERYTHING! I'm making huge piles of stuff to donate, stuff to sell, and stuff to throw away. As I was cleaning, I came across this notecard that features a poem that I wrote at some point, who knows when. I rarely write poems, but I usually like the ones I do write. I'm pretty sure it was inspired by Kat, who always liked to bring home animals to the apartment she shared with Mel. I figured I'd share it here then I can throw the notecard into my recycling bin. So here goes:

Special Needs Lizard
by Moira

Unloved by the child whose Christmas was gay,
Missing an eye, part of an ear and its leg,
Hot sand rehabilitation on a Saturday night.

When the lizard ceases,
as it surely will,
there will be another in a short line of scaly others,
each homelier than the last,
needing religious devotion,
and plenty of fresh flies culled by hand,
from the sweaty desert heat.

The flies circle her skirts,
pulsing purple, turquoise on fire,
& the bells of a million stars,
twinkling at her heels.

Swirling, she clucks and coos in psuedo-lizard tongue,
and, loves, without question,
the beast.


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  2. Moira,

    Could you send me your address for the post card swap at: aloveaffairwithpaper@yahoo.com? I will have the details of the swap this Sunday on my blog.

    Thanks so much for participating & I'm super excited to host this swap!

    Take care,



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