13 April 2011

Fire in my Heart

Fire in my Heart by literarytease
Fire in my Heart, a photo by literarytease on Flickr.

I was really sick last week and as I was starting to feel better, I really wanted to make art. I was still too sick to sit at my computer for any length of time, but I was well enough to sit up in bed and do sketches. I was watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was suddenly inspired to draw all the characters as an experiment.

This is inspired by Brad, and while it doesn't exactly look like Brad, I love the stoic expression on his/her face, like you'd never guess the passion bubbling beneath the surface.

I love how the figure looks kind of androgynous, so it's not really clear what his/her gender is meant to be. I also feel like this image is a little bit of a self portrait, but that might just be because we both have thick black glasses.

I used a Sharpie pen and watercolor crayon for the hair. I'll probably go back and finish coloring this image, but I wanted to scan it as is so I can play with it in photoshop.


  1. Love the ruffly shirt and bow tie. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Me again...I read a post of yours from last month, and wanted to ask you: Do you like your Bind-it-all contraption? Would you recommend it to someone else who might be interested in binding her own books? Easy to use, that sort of thing? Thanks for any info and opinions! :-)


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