12 April 2011

Random Art: Yarn Bombed Bathroom

Crochet Stall by trisaratopss

Crochet Stall, a photo by trisaratopss on Flickr.
Found this picture of a yarn-bombed bathroom on flickr. Can you imagine if you walked into a public bathroom stall and saw this? Amazing! People should totally yarn bomb more! I saw a bus stop in Providence once that had been yarn bombed, but really, I haven't seen much of it in person. Hmm, speaking of, I probably have some granny squares around here...


  1. Amazing, the people in our local yarnshop did once cover a whole bicycle with crocheted stuff. That bike became quite known in our aera. Don't think I would like to have my bathroom this way though.

  2. A bike is cool! Agreed about not wanting my bathroom to be covered in granny squares! Seems unsanitary... haha!


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