18 December 2010

Etsy Tips & Tricks #3: Craftopolis

If you already have Google Analytics, you know it has its limitations. Sure, you can see how many people visited your Etsy shop or blog each day, but wouldn't it be great if you know exactly which tags they searched in order to find you? Wouldn't it be great to know how many page views each item in your shop gets each day as well as the total number of page views? Want to be able to see all your lovely hearts in one place?

Enter Craftopolis, which is several great Etsy seller tools in one. First, you have Shop Lovers, which shows you who's loving your shop and which items are getting the most attention. You can see all of your page views and sales for each month in one easy to read chart. You have the option to allow Craftopolis to connect to your Etsy shop and to your Google Analytics account for the best functionality.

If that's not enough to woo you, Craftopolis also offers a Tag Report, which shows you how people found your items by giving you the specific tags that they searched as well as the page number that they found your item on. So, if you see that your locket was on 6th page when someone searched for lockets, you know that you should either relist or renew soon so that your item will appear higher in the search listings.

To make it easy, Craftopolis has Edit Express, which is a fantastic and easy way to adjust your store's prices, item titles, descriptions, and/or quantity. You can edit every item in your store at once or check only certain items. You can completely change the description or modify by adding an extra line of text. You can change the prices on sale items by a set dollar amount or a percentage. The functionality is amazing. I can't vouch for how well this function works just yet, but I will be trying it out soon & will be sure to report back.

Have you used Craftopolis? What do you think?


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