15 December 2010

Button Design Contest Winners - Del Sesto

Each session of Bling Bling, the students participate in a Button Design Contest. Using magazines, markers, pens, pencils, glue, and paper, students create original designs that will be printed and distributed to students at their school during our end-of-session event. On Monday, I posted the winners of the contest at Gilbert Stuart.

Here are the winners from Del Sesto, as voted by the students at Gilbert Stuart:

Third place:

This design by Layloni is great, and not just because she shows how much she loved Bling Bling with her design! I love the tear drops and the drawing of the heart.

Second place:

Norman is always the student who spends the whole class working on one very detailed project. He made an amazingly detailed felt guitar, a set of hand-drawn guitar buttons that I told him he could sell, and this wonderful button design. At first glance, I thought he hadn't followed the only rule: that the word bling had to be in the design somewhere, but when I looked at it again, I realized that both people in the design are wearing little Bling necklaces. Awesome!

First place:

I think the students chose Kaisha's design as the winner because of the colors and the "fresh" sketches and text like "LOL" and "FYI" etc.  She'll be really excited to find out she's the winner!

So what do you think?


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