13 December 2010

Button Design Contest Winners - Gilbert Stuart

Each session of Bling Bling, I do a button design contest. I started doing it last year, and it was such a success that it's become one of my favorite projects. Basically, the kids get paper, recycled magazines, markers, pencils, and glue sticks and are instructed to design a button that will be printed and handed out to the school at the end-of-session event each term. The only rule is that the button has to have the word "bling" on it somewhere. It's cool because the buttons always look awesome when they are finished, and it's a great way to show the school what we do in Bling Bling and to promote the program at the same time. Fabulous!

When I first started doing the contest, I judged the entries along with my boyfriend, Nick, and friend, Jen, but lately, I've been having my students in other classes vote. For this contest, the judges were my students at Del Sesto. Each student chose one design as his or her favorite. I tallied up the voted and the consensus was clear. What's kind of funny is that usually the designs that the students choose match up with the ones I would have chosen anyway! There are 12 kids in the class, but a bunch were absent with illness and a fieldtrip, so we only had 6 entries for this session!

Here are the winners for this session at Gilbert Stuart:

Third place:
I like the sentiment expressed in this button, haha! I asked Zaberlyn how Bling Bling was like Christmas, and she explained that people usually gave jewelry as Christmas presents and in Bling Bling they got to take jewelry home every class.

Second place:

Shasterine spent the entire class working on her design, so I am glad she was one of the winners. I like how she used Christmas colors and drew everything herself. Plus, the bow on the diamond is super cute! Didn't she do a great job?

Finally, our first place winner:

Joselyn was on the phone while most of the students were working, which meant she was the last person to get started on her design. Despite that, she ended up winning! I think the students voted for her design because it's clean and simple, without being over-cluttered. She used red & green for that Christmas theme, but is also the only student in this class to incorporate collage elements by cutting out the text. The angel and star are stamps.


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