23 December 2010

Artsy-Crafty Link Round Up #2

I'm constantly finding cool projects I want to try, so I figured I'd share some of my favorites here. These are all projects that would be great for a rainy Saturday afternoon. Or a snowy Thursday. Whatever.

I've seen the awesome Japanese fabric tape on Etsy and totally love it, but what am I ever going to do with it and don't I have enough tape already? Well... now I can make my own using supplies I already have around the house. LOVE it!

I've made these before, and chances are good that you have, too, but it's been a while and I still have a giant 3-lb coffee can full of glass marbles somewhere around here. Plus I want to make sure I remember to check out this site again!

Well, I'm pretty sure my landlord would not be cool with me decorating my house with Sharpies, but what a cool idea! If you own your own house, you should try this. An apartment-sized version would be to make a smaller framed piece. Still awesome. Sharpies rule! I have like 50 of them on my desk!

Way better to paint with corn syrup than to ingest it, right? Seems like a fun project, especially with kids. Might be nice to make a custom set with your favorite colors, too.

I suspect this might be an excellent project for me to try, especially since I have way too many dictionaries in my house just waiting to be crafted. A good use for dictionaries that have already be scoured of all the "good" words. These will be super cute as earrings!

I've done this project before, too, but I love the nifty little way that the tube of fabric covers all the joins at the back of the necklace! I made mine with scraps of random fabric, but a t-shirt will be nice and soft. These make great headbands, too!

One of the first crafty projects that Nick and I made together was books from cereals boxes based on a pattern in ReadyMade. This version is decidedly more stylish.


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