02 October 2011

Random: My Dream Home

Nick and I have been saving up for a house, but we're not looking into a traditional home at all. I've been fascinated with the idea of tiny houses for a long time. Each apartment that I live in seems to get smaller and smaller, like I am slowly downsizing enough to live in a tiny house. I'm still aways away from being able to do it, especially since it won't be just me as the original plan entailed, but me and Nick. (Which is way better, really!).

My mom has an acre of land in Pennsylvania. Before my dad passed away, I'd discussed the idea of me building a tiny house at the back of the property, and he'd agreed to the idea. The land has been unused and unloved for at least 15 years. It's overgrown, wild with vines and all sorts of native plants, and it's the most beautiful place in the world. There's a giant patch of blackberries, wild strawberries and wild onions all over the place, a type of cherry tree, among other things. What used to be a yard and a garden is now a baby forest in the middle of rural suburbia.

Even though I have no experience whatsoever in building anything beyond frames for my paintings, and that's a new skill, my dad was a wood worker, which means that any tool I could need is likely gathering dust in the workshop. I've been feeling like Nick and I should be able to accomplish the project, with some help from friends, and this video convinces me that it's a definitely possibility! My idea is to build a tiny house, followed by a tiny art studio, both of which will be on wheels, like the house in the following video, which means when I can finally afford my own land, I can move the house as needed.

I know it sounds crazy to lots of people, but to me, it's perfectly logical and a natural extention of my lifestyle. I've moved around a lot since I turned 18. I've lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and, currently, Rhode Island. My longest stint was in Greensburg for 6 years, but that was about 2 years too many. I start to get antsy if I'm in one place for too long, I guess, but the thing is: I don't really like moving, even though I like being in new places. I am, however, open to changes and the whims of the universe, which is how I ended up as an art teacher in Rhode Island. Stranger things have happened... though I'd never have predicted this career path for me!

Having a house on wheels would be an ideal combination of both worlds: stability and the gypsy in me. For a while, I'd thought I'd satisfy this urge by buying an RV, but more and more, I'm looking at tiny houses. I'm nowhere near having enough money to start the project, but I might be able to start collecting materials next summer. I definitely plan on doing like this gal did: collecting from craigslist, curb alerts, and other free sources. I already have access to an old chicken coop!


  1. I love tiny houses! Before I met my husband, I'd moved with my parents to a couple of acres we had in Oklahoma. The first 3 months there, we lived in a tent and then a wooden shed while waiting for the double-wide they'd ordered. There was an area on the land that was a little clearing in the woods. I'd started planning building my own tiny house using a shed as the shell.

    Then I met my now husband and well... now we two are rattling around in a 1700 sq foot house because you just can't buy anything under 1500 sq ft here. It's funny house your stuff expands to fit the available space.

    But I still look at tiny house websites and gather ideas, just in case. My man isn't really a rural living-type person, so it's just dreaming for now, though maybe someday I'll talk him into getting a vacation cabin somewhere.

    My current obsession is tiny travel trailers. If I had a yard where I had room between the houses to pull one back there, I'd get one and make it into a studio that I could take with me on vacation :D

  2. my husband and i just bought a place up in north idaho that is half the size of what we live in now. we are in the process of "reversing the flow" of what we have. i love the idea of paring down to what is essential and then having room to grow.

  3. Thanks for sharing that video. I love the tiny house idea! Good luck.

  4. Good luck! My hubby and I have been toying with this idea for a few years, but settled for a tiny apartment instead. Kinda wishing we'd gone for the wheels instead! Even so, I'm absolutely obsessed with 'small living' and give kudos to everyone else who is going to give it a go :D

  5. It was such fun to watch this video...I love when she lifted up the whole roof of her house! What an amazing space. (I only take issue with her "bathroom"--that would definitely not work for me!) How exciting for you to begin to pursue your dream of a Little House...I wish you luck as you begin the process of collecting materials.

  6. Just dropping by. It’s really hard to opt for having your own house when your lifestyle won't allow it. As much as renting apartments and owning an RV is a good idea, realization will come to you that you have to have your own settlement. Anyway, it’s good to hear that you worked for it. So, how is it now?

    Patricia Ballard


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