27 October 2011

Art Journal: Portraits Like Wow

Here are the second installment of paintings in the daily painting challenge that I'm doing with my Nick and Rose.

I decided that I wanted to draw a portrait for this piece. I had a canvas with the splotches of pink from the previous day's piece, so I just drew right on top of that. I used a photograph I found online as my reference. I found the quote on a film noir website and thought it was perfect.

Since I did a portrait and liked it, I decided to try another one:

She is so odd, but I absolutely love her! I felt so inspired by this piece that I drew a bunch more! I love how each portrait takes on her (or his) own personality. I start with reference photographs, but they soon take on their own life. The last two were drawn just from my head, no reference photo. I love even the ones that aren't that great! Which ones do you like?


  1. they are all so different. which one is your fave? i've spent the day sketching images from the "lost things" video inspiration week 2 of class. how alice in wonderland fantastical that video is!

  2. My fave is the fourth one up from the bottom. But I love all of them! :)

  3. Looooooooooooove your portraits! They're so emotive!

  4. They're all so strong, very thoughtful portraits. Out of them all the last one made me stop, she has a calm quality that spoke to me more.


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