09 October 2011

Painting in Progress: Owl, Day Three

Here's where my painting stands right now:

Is it finished? I'm not sure. I might give his eyes some more paint and add more feather detailing... but he might be done. Nick thought I should add a tree in the background, but I'm kinda liking the simple look, especially since there is a lot of detail in the background, it's just subtle. (It doesn't exactly look subtle in this photo, but that's because I had to use the flash to take the picture. The white that shows up with the flash is much more subdued.)

What do you think?


  1. i think you know when a painting is done.

  2. Love him! I do find myself wanting a bit more contrast in the background (something dark, if not a tree a maybe something in the pattern you've established) for depth to really pop the owl, but without seeing the piece in person, I couldn't say if the texture back there has done it or not due to the flash issues with the image.


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