20 December 2010

Awesome Etsians #1: Beat Black

One of my favorite shops to browse on Etsy is Beat Black.

Zombie Cupcake Necklace II
copyright Beat Black 2010
 Sarah's work is always fresh and visually arresting. Whether it's the Zombie Cupcakes or I Heart Brains (Lunch Meat) pendants, there is always something beautiful and strange to check out. Every time I visit the store, there is something new and everything always looks more amazing that I remember. Sarah, a Torono, Ontario resident, creates all her work in her tiny apartment studio without molds, so every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. It's no wonder she's made over 500 sales on Etsy!

I Heart Brains (Lunch Meat)
copyright Beat Black 2010
Sarah makes necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, cufflinks, ornaments and magnets. All items can be engraved with your choice of message (for an additional charge) or customized in your choice of color (for free!). With prices that range from $15 - $67, Beat Black offers something for everyone, whether you love zombies, human anatomy, or anything wonderfully strange.

On Sarah's blog, she recently posted images of her first pieces and showed how they evolved into the work she does today. I loved seeing how she's grown artistically over the years! I find it so inspiring!

Buy your own Beat Black creation on Etsy or by visiting Sarah's website.


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