12 April 2012

Sad Girl #1 by Moira

Sad Girl #1 by Moira by literarytease
Sad Girl #1 by Moira, a photo by literarytease on Flickr.

I'm working on a series of sad girl paintings -- here is the first finished one. I'm really digging the look of the drippy eyes, so I'm doing a whole series of paintings using the technique. I'm also loving the "weird" colors for the portraits -- I'm making an effort to use every color of paint I own... haha! I don't sketch the face first -- I just choose a light color and start painting. After a few layers, the face shows up on the canvas. I keep adding layers until it feels finished. This was painted over the course of several days and changed a lot as I worked!

1 comment:

  1. it will be fun to see the rest of your sad girl series, as you complete it. :)


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