18 April 2012

Photography: A Photo An Hour

I was inspired by Natty Malik, of Awkward and Beautiful, to create a Photo An Hour photo montage. (Here is Natty's montage). Yesterday, we were on the road traveling home from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania back to Rhode Island, so I set an hourly timer and took a picture of whatever was going on when the alarm went off. Leave me a link if you try this challenge yourself!


7:30 - I was awake because the dog in the room next door howled and whined all night long, but Nick is able to sleep through anything. (Jealous!)
8:30 - Everything is better with bacon, especially free breakfast buffets.
9:30 - On the road again...
10:30 - Art journaling on the go -- first time I tried journaling in the car!
11:30 - My, what a strange and pretty ring I have! (Purchased at The Attic in Bethlehem, PA.)
12:30 - Nick is a trooper: he drove the whole way!
1:30 - Exhausted self-portrait, still in the car.
2:30 - We are minutes away from home, so I am much more joyous. Pretty!
3:30 - Baked cheese crackers... mmm...
4:30 - Sebastian is glad that we're home and shows his affection by sleeping on my desk.
5:30 - My love affair with radishes (oh, and butter, can't forget that!)
6:30 - Netflix on ipad; because turning on the tv requires way too much energy
7:30 - Art journal page in progress
8:30 - Smudge looking out the window
9:30 - Nick is exhausted. So is Moira... yawn!

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