04 February 2012

Art Journal: 31 Faces of January

In reverse order, here are all of the daily faces that I drew in January. Sometimes I set little challenges for myself (like use only two colors or draw as fast as possible; others I just drew whatever I felt like drawing. I love doing a daily sketch! This month I am doing "scenes" per special request by my facebook friends!


  1. I like the cat lady. And the woman with the clean house. Very funny! {:-D

  2. such character sketches. i can see them as comic strips or zines. i can see them as cards, & possibly mugs.

  3. What a fun project! Loving the faces Moira!

  4. Great sketches... you are very inspiring!
    I love how there is, the days of the week in the top corner of your sketch book.
    Where ever did you get it?? :]

  5. These are so much fun, what a great project! :-)


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