24 January 2012

Video: Cat Trapped in Plastic

I have plastic covering my windows because I live in New England and the houses are all old and drafty. Smudge has ripped the plastic covering the window by my desk multiple times, hence all the tape. This time she ripped it while sitting on top of my cubby storage and managed to fall into the space between the plastic and the window. When I found my cat like this, I couldn't resist grabbing my video camera!


  1. Great scary music, loved the drama, such a cute kitty! So glad Smudge escaped! Silly Kitty! Love it.

  2. Move over Steven Spielberg!!

    Will Smudge have learned her lesson? I suspect not!

  3. you are one talented chick. love your work.

  4. OMG, scarry movie AND humour that made me LOL. Thanks, and awesome work with the rescue. You're a hero!


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