17 March 2011

Sewn Paper Projects #1

Love Grows
copyright 2011 Moira Richardson

As promised yesterday, today I am posting some pictures of the sewn artwork I made using Kelli Nina Perkin's Stitched Pagelet technique. When I saw the tutorial, I knew I'd try it immediately. I had just purchased a mixed media journal, so I tore pages out from the journal to add the dictionary page backgrounds. I drew images using a Sharpie marker, painted with gouache and watercolor paints, then sewed details with my sewing machine.

I Miss You
copyright 2011 Moira Richardson

Let me be clear: me and my sewing machine are not bffs. We are hardly acquaintances. I kind of hate my sewing machine sometimes, if I'm being perfectly honestly, but I dealt with all the issues and after some trial and error, figured out just the right settings to use to make stitching on paper work for me. These are my three favorites from the process, but I do have a few others that I didn't like as much, plus a stack of painted pages that I'll sew as soon as I clear the clutter currently surrounding my machine. I sewed so much when I was doing these that I ran out of thread, which I'm pretty sure is the first time I've ever used a whole spool of thread from start to finish. Impressive!
Crazy for You
copyright 2011 Moira Richardson

I scanned the first images, Love Grows, and printed in full-size on a piece of printable fabric I'd prepared using BubbleJet. I scanned all three and printed them in miniature on another sheet of fabric. I made one amazing necklace, which I still need to photograph, and have plans to make many more for the Providence Arts Festival in June. Better get cracking on that!


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