27 January 2011

Can Wii Fit help you lose weight?

Can Wii Fit help you lose weight? That's what I aim to find out! I've been using mine for 30 minutes day for a week now. Sure, I've gained a pound instead of losing, but whatever. I'm giving it at least a month before I make any judgments!

I've wanted a Nintendo Wii game console and Wii fit for ages now, but haven't really been able to justify the expense. We were lucky enough to get a free Wii console recently, and by combining a couple of gift cards, we ended up paying just $21 for a Wii Fit to go with our console. That, my friends, is a hell of a good deal.

I've been saying for months that if I had a Wii Fit, I'd use it every day. It's very easy to say that when you don't actually own one... haha! Still, we've had our Wii Fit set up for a week now, and I've done 30 minutes (at least) every single day for the last week. And I'm not being a twerp about it either, by playing that stupid lotus game for 30 minutes straight. (Apparently, I am literally unable to sit still!). Even though I recently found out that my Wii Fit is spying on me by asking my boyfriend about my posture, I still love it.

And the thing is, I still don't want to exercise. It's not like that I wake up and think, "Yay! Exercise!" Instead, I have to force myself to get started... but, the coolest thing about the Wii Fit is that once I get started, it's not that hard to keep going. Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes aerobics, and sometimes just a bunch of games. (I'm pretty good at that penguin slide game!) I haven't even tried any of the strength training yet, so I still have a lot to explore.

I set a goal of doing 20 minutes a day, minimum, but almost every day, I've done at least 10 minutes extra. One day, I did 50-some minutes. My favorite activity so far is the biking. I've unlocked the Advanced, Island View, and Expert courses. I haven't tried Expert yet, since I just unlocked it last night, but the Island View course took me 21 minutes and I think I ended with just over 5 miles. I don't know if this counts as "real" exercise, but it definitely gets me sweating!

This morning I woke up at 7:30 am and did 20 minutes of yoga before 8 am. Did I do this because I love yoga and was raring to go? Hell no! I decided to get exercise out of the way early so I didn't have to put it off all day. Haha!

I'm not bored with the Wii Fit yet, but I imagine I'll get bored with it eventually. So I ordered another Wii fitness game called Walk It Out. It should be arriving today or tomorrow, so I'll post about it once I've tried it. It got positive reviews on Amazon though and sounds like something I'll like. Eventually, I'm going to get EA Sports Active. Nick and I are saving our change; we have $16 towards the game so far.


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