03 January 2011

Awesome Etsians #3: Artvision

I'd like to let you in on a little secret of mine. See this photo of my "She Must Make (f)Art" pocket mirror:

She Must Make (f)Art
copyright Moira Richardson 2010 - 2011

It "looks" like I finally figured out how to take great pictures of my pocket mirrors, but here's the secret: I actually used a template from Artvision to create this image. Artvision digital photo templates are high-resolution images that you use to create an image of your product. This won't help you if you make only one-of-a-kind pieces, but if you make something like my pocket mirrors, an item that you can sell over and over again, you'll love never have to take photographs of your hard to photograph items.

Buttons are a HUGE pain to photograph. I'm always getting a glare or a slightly blurry image. It's gotten a lot easier since I got my light box, but it's still something I'd rather avoid when I can. Why waste my time photographing mirrors when I can be working on another aspect of my etsy shop? Now I never have to photograph pocket mirrors! I just use my scanned image of my original collages, import them into the template, and save the image under a new name.

Artvision currently has 161 different template available for sale, so you're sure to find something that meets your needs. If you make glass pendants, Scrabble pendants, or buttons, you'll definitely want to check out Artvision. In addition to the template, Artvision sells a wide range of digital collage sheets in popular sizes.


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